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Best LinkedIn Automation Tools of 2021

Updated: Nov 12

Marketers are increasingly moving to LinkedIn for their campaigns, using an automation tool to generate leads into a convenient ‘sales’ funnel.

Considering it has the world’s largest professional network, it’s the go-to B2B platform…

An automation tool can intelligently help you build a business network in no time. This can be achieved much faster than non-automatedly: make connections faster, run social influencer outreach campaigns, publish the right content at the right time to your targeted audience.

Access more than 660 million professionals from over 200 countries. Build brand awareness, establish partnerships, grow your business – LinkedIn is suitable for all of these objectives.

We massively leverage the #1 B2B database of professional contacts & influencers

We sifted through the most trusted data for each provider, to bring you a summary of each client’s strengths/weaknesses including assessing the best free LinkedIn automation tool.

Each is aimed at a wide swath of the demographic, including jobseekers to companies looking for new employees and brand builders/partner seekers.

Avoiding Bans: Using any of these apps to spam puts your account at risk, as these tools already edge the TOCs for LinkedIn accounts (so use ethically). Nevertheless, all are used daily by LinkedIn users, particularly those in business development and recruitment… As for certainly banned tools, have a look at this list which is roughly two years old.

LinkedIn Helper


Automate Tasks Like Messaging

Integrates With LinkedIn Automations

Endorse Contacts Automatically

Personalized Communications

Automatically Add Message Signatures

Build Smart Lead Funnels


Minimum Effort

Quickly Get Reciprocal Endorsements

Use 24/7, 365


- Contact Very Glitchy Connecting on LinkedIn

- Can be detected by LinkedIn

Although this program provides various actions such as messages, following leads, and sending personalized connection requests, it can be risky because LinkedIn is cracking down on Chrome Extensions.

Trial: 14 days (free)

Starting: $100/mo for all the standard bells and whistles.

Best Features

One of the most powerful LinkedIn automation tools to automate redundant or repetitive tasks such as messaging, inviting, joining and connecting, saving an immense amount of time with outreach.

This is a simple Chrome extension as well as a desktop application, which lets you automate according to segments (you can build email lists using this tool).

Invite connections (300 words max) according to segments, assigned as specific automations per target audience/list, eg. financial advisors, the date of your campaign, etc. You’re able to send a welcome message, such as “thank you for connecting”, which will go out to everybody on the list with a single click.

If you are using Sales Navigator, which on average gives you five times more chance of connecting with decision-maker profiles – LinkedIn Helper has integrations. Send hello messages to first connections, and then a second followup message with your sales proposal.

Drawbacks ❌

Not so great for multitasking: set your browser window to ‘minimized’ and the software will stop running (if you’re the kind with several browsers open at once, this will not be optimal).

Linkedin advertising pros and cons

The layout could also be improved somewhat and gathering contacts can glitch out, which is annoying when you’re trying to run a marketing campaign!

Lastly, though this is more a matter of due ethical diligence, you may put your account at risk if you do not carefully strategize. If you are suspected of spamming people using this tool, your account could possibly be flagged.

#2 LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms


Add to Sponsored Content/InMail

Increase Lead Volume / Quality

Up to 2-3x Conversions

Accurate Analytics for ROI

Promote Diverse Content

Target by Industry


Native to LinkedIn

Integrated Social Media Tool

Pre-Populated: Just Hit “Submit”


Quite Expensive

Linkedin lead gen forms

Our Verdict

4.5/5: On average, Lead Gen Forms reduce the average cost per lead by 20%. Gather data including emails, job titles, qualifications, and so on as part of Sponsored/InMail content with a single click on the target audience’s part.

Trial: N/A.

Starting: Only pay for campaigns.

Best Features

Among the best for Sponsored tracking functions: lets you track the cost per lead in your campaigns, how many leads gathered per campaign, and form submission rates.

Unlike third-party clients or Facebook, Lead Generation Forms are native to LinkedIn and so have access to the entire CV of each user with an account. This gives the tool the edge with regards to targeting specific professional identities such as professions, field of study, where they work – so on.

LinkedIn is also unusual because many users often use their business email when creating an account. The data you acquire will be high in quality, for email marketing: one of the best LinkedIn automation tools


That said, to be ultra specific about the career of your target audience, Facebook may have better reach. For instance, target people with the same connections as one or more pages, income, other metrics.

The New York Times estimates people spend on average 45mins/day on Facebook, while only 2/day on LinkedIn. This gives you less opportunities to connect with paid campaigns.

On Facebook, you also get the option to test multiple ad campaign types, in order to A/B test which ones perform the best. For instance, on FB Lead Form can be linked to a carousel, a video and promoted post ad.

#3 Leonard (Now MeetAlfred)


Connection Request Automations

Auto-Message 1st Connections

Auto-View Profiles

Real-Time Analytics

Run Email List Campaigns

Personalised Auto-Messages


Send Notifications or Messages

Hundreds of Messages in Minutes



Possibly Only Accepts Visa

One User Per Subscription

Meet Leonard banner

Our Verdict

4.5/5: MeetAlfred (once called ‘Leonard’) is a campaign manager that lets you run message sequences; with detailed analytics, access your connections’ detailed data, with team management options.

Trial: 14 days free

Starting: $9.99/mo

Best Features

This is your answer to no more cold calling, even to transcending the need for face to face networking events. While you sleep, Alfred’s campaign manager (need a popup? OptinMonster review) runs scheduled message sequences separated into segments.

Use custom snippets in personalized messages – the Smart Reply Detection feature lets you set actions based on behaviors. For instance, if a conversation is already taking place with a connection, Alfred will automatically detect this and stop any campaign sequence.

This prevents inappropriate messages being delivered. Inside of the dashboard, you can also see who replied, the conversation history, and place them back into the sequence whenever as many times as you like.

Lastly, market responsibly by setting specific requirements for Alfred’s daily activities. This is measured by default, as the tool can identify what kind of LinkedIn membership you have.

You can also set exact days and hours that you want the tool to function and to not function on. Typically, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 9pm are the marketing hotspot hours.


A useful tool but, as we mentionedWith LinkedIn helper, be careful to not spam, as there may be some negative bias from LinkedIn towards third-party LinkedIn automation tools.

Regardless, their likes are used daily by high-performing users and it may be unlikely that you will be blocked without some kind of cessation warning beforehand.

The last time we checked, it was only possible to set up an account if you have a Mastercard or American Express card. Also, only one LinkedIn profile can be managed per account, which can get pricey if you have numerous social media profiles.

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